Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Holiday Weekend is Over

Well its back to work for me, that is making jewelry. We made 7 sets of beads this weekend so now I can get some bracelets made for the Art Shows I'm doing.
I hope I am motivated creatively today. It doesn't just come everyday, the creativity. Some days I cant make a single thing and that's the days I read.
I have also started working on my quilt again. It is all hand pieced and hand quited. It is set with black and all my fabrics from quite a few years ago.I really want to finish it but each section I quilt takes about 1.5 hours and I still have at least 40 sections or more to complete. I'm quilting from the back where I put a really cool fabric and I'm quilting it with orange thread. It is King size so its really big. I couldn't tell you the pattern I just seen it in a book and loved it. I will take a picture as soon as I charge these batteries that seem to not hold a charge very long.
I also have to make the large hole beads this week that fit the Pandora and Troll bracelets. I have a store that buys from me and they have requested some new colors. I make beads in the morning when its cool. The torch and the kiln really heat my studio up I feel like I'm baking in the summer and I freeze in the winter.
My husband made the doggies cookies this weekend so they are very happy to have Papas cookies as they call them. We have 2 dogs and they are very spoiled but I love them.
I also have to get ready for the Farmer's Market I do every week. I really love this market, its a very eclectic mix of people. I will miss the market this winter as I love the fresh vegetables I have been able to purchase there from wonderful people. There is also I very nice gentleman that sells blackberry jelly that his wife makes...yummy
Well I'm off to make jewelry.
...~~Peace and Have a Great Day~~...

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