Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Halloween Bracelet

This is what I created for Halloween. I'm getting ready for some Art Shows and I love Halloween. It is my favorite Holiday. I already have my witch on the front door, neighbors probably think I'm crazy but that's nothing new... The bracelet is listed on my Etsy,
Here is Prada one of my kitties smiling because its her favorite Holiday also, she informed me of that. Yes I'm a crazy cat lady I will admit it.
I'm making more beads today as long as I can stand the heat in my studio, gonna be a hot one today. I also go to the Market today to sell and I will burn up there, its on a blacktop parking lot.
I did finish and label my beads for the Halloween bead exchange that I'm participating in on I love this site. I'm also in the earring exchange which should be fun to have some new earrings.
I will get these mailed tomorrow because I have to buy mailing envelopes since we cant find the box of 100 of these. I don't know what happens to things, do you have these problems of things disappearing, drives me nuts. This is a huge box of bubble envelopes....
Better get to work then I have to load my car for the Farmer's Market.
...~~~Peace and Have a Great Day~~~...

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