Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Well this week, actually Monday was 1 whole year that I have been married to my husband. We had a nice dinner on Sunday since he works out of town. We also had our top layer of our wedding cake, it was really good. Tasted just like it did on the wedding day. My husband gave me a Vera Bradley purse the new Puccini fabric, I love it.

The store I sell the Troll like beads to called and ordered more yesterday, whoo hoo...doing the happy dance.

Also yesterday was the Farmers Market that I sell at. It was a beautiful day here. One of my very good friends whom hadn't seen in a year came by, that was so nice. We talked for a little while and caught up on things and hopefully will stay in touch with each other.

The picture at the top are some new beads I have on Etsy right now, to purchase them.

Gotta make beads now, off to the studio.
...~~~Peace and Have a Great Day~~~...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another Day in the Life of Bead Maker

Its the beginning of a new day, yeah....I love the morning, never thought I would say that. I get up early to work in my studio while its cool as to where I used to work at night. After I was sick my schedule changed and I cant seem to go back to my old schedule. I do get alot done in day though.
Yesterday was the Farmer's Market and I did pretty well. I also got a really good buy on tomatoes. I going to miss the market this winter because of the fresh vegetables and the people.
Today is bead making again. The ones I did yesterday I wasn't to happy with. They were the large hole beads that fit the Troll and Pandora bracelets. I have a store that wants a bunch again and I'm trying to make the colors she requested and special orders are hard for me. I don't know about you but us artists like to do what we want when we want to do them....Its a curse
My husband is still out of town working so no bead making for him.
Off to the studio, talk to you soon.

...~~~Peace and Have a Great Day~~~...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Halloween Bracelet

This is what I created for Halloween. I'm getting ready for some Art Shows and I love Halloween. It is my favorite Holiday. I already have my witch on the front door, neighbors probably think I'm crazy but that's nothing new... The bracelet is listed on my Etsy,
Here is Prada one of my kitties smiling because its her favorite Holiday also, she informed me of that. Yes I'm a crazy cat lady I will admit it.
I'm making more beads today as long as I can stand the heat in my studio, gonna be a hot one today. I also go to the Market today to sell and I will burn up there, its on a blacktop parking lot.
I did finish and label my beads for the Halloween bead exchange that I'm participating in on I love this site. I'm also in the earring exchange which should be fun to have some new earrings.
I will get these mailed tomorrow because I have to buy mailing envelopes since we cant find the box of 100 of these. I don't know what happens to things, do you have these problems of things disappearing, drives me nuts. This is a huge box of bubble envelopes....
Better get to work then I have to load my car for the Farmer's Market.
...~~~Peace and Have a Great Day~~~...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Holiday Weekend is Over

Well its back to work for me, that is making jewelry. We made 7 sets of beads this weekend so now I can get some bracelets made for the Art Shows I'm doing.
I hope I am motivated creatively today. It doesn't just come everyday, the creativity. Some days I cant make a single thing and that's the days I read.
I have also started working on my quilt again. It is all hand pieced and hand quited. It is set with black and all my fabrics from quite a few years ago.I really want to finish it but each section I quilt takes about 1.5 hours and I still have at least 40 sections or more to complete. I'm quilting from the back where I put a really cool fabric and I'm quilting it with orange thread. It is King size so its really big. I couldn't tell you the pattern I just seen it in a book and loved it. I will take a picture as soon as I charge these batteries that seem to not hold a charge very long.
I also have to make the large hole beads this week that fit the Pandora and Troll bracelets. I have a store that buys from me and they have requested some new colors. I make beads in the morning when its cool. The torch and the kiln really heat my studio up I feel like I'm baking in the summer and I freeze in the winter.
My husband made the doggies cookies this weekend so they are very happy to have Papas cookies as they call them. We have 2 dogs and they are very spoiled but I love them.
I also have to get ready for the Farmer's Market I do every week. I really love this market, its a very eclectic mix of people. I will miss the market this winter as I love the fresh vegetables I have been able to purchase there from wonderful people. There is also I very nice gentleman that sells blackberry jelly that his wife makes...yummy
Well I'm off to make jewelry.
...~~Peace and Have a Great Day~~...