Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Well this week, actually Monday was 1 whole year that I have been married to my husband. We had a nice dinner on Sunday since he works out of town. We also had our top layer of our wedding cake, it was really good. Tasted just like it did on the wedding day. My husband gave me a Vera Bradley purse the new Puccini fabric, I love it.

The store I sell the Troll like beads to called and ordered more yesterday, whoo hoo...doing the happy dance.

Also yesterday was the Farmers Market that I sell at. It was a beautiful day here. One of my very good friends whom hadn't seen in a year came by, that was so nice. We talked for a little while and caught up on things and hopefully will stay in touch with each other.

The picture at the top are some new beads I have on Etsy right now, to purchase them.

Gotta make beads now, off to the studio.
...~~~Peace and Have a Great Day~~~...

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