Friday, August 22, 2008

First Day of my Blog

Today is my first day, I created my blog today. Good for me. I hope to tell all about my days and things Im creating. Yes, Im an artist, or at least I play one, starving for sure.
I make glass beads in my studio at home. I do lampwork using Morretti glass, Vetrofund, Lasucha and Borosilicate, I love them all.
I sell my beads and jewelery online at , I love this site. Some of the most amazing handmade items I have ever seen . Very creative people on there.
Well today I got accepted into another Art Show, Im very excited about this.
Next year I will try for more. My husband and I both do the shows and both make the beads so its very rewarding.
I was married last year in fact my anniversary is next month. I have a wonderful husband who is an amazing cook, thank goodness since I almsot failed Home Ec. We also have 2 dogs and 4 cats and a grandchild on the way. The grandchild will be our first and we know our son will be a wonderful father.
Today Im trying to get motivated to make jewelery but as you can see I have been on the computer for too many hours today.
Well thats enough for today.
...~~~Peace and Have a Great Day~~~...

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