Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trip to Local Greenhouses

Last weekend we went shopping for the garden, first stop Rosemeyers. They have an amazing selection of everything and many greenhouses. We bought 4 large Better Boy tomato plants with flowers and tomatoes already on them. We also bought 8 Roma plants because we can a lot for winter and make salsa. We bought Jalapeno, Cayenne, and Habanero pepper plants for our spicy jams we make sell at the farmers market. I also bought one eggplant and one summer squash because my husband doesn't really like either one. We also purchased some Basil and oregano. Next stop was Adopt-A-Plant where we visited with the owner, we know her from local farmers markets, we bought Lemon basil, and cilantro there. Now to get everything in the garden.


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Farm Girl Cat said...

your garden is beautiful Janell, and your pepper jams are sooooo good