Tuesday, April 7, 2009

At The Torch

Here I am hard at work at my torch.

Yes I really do make those beads.

How you say!

Well I have an oxygen propane torch and kiln and some glass.

The glass comes in rods already the color you need, you can mix your own colors but I never seem to get the same color each time.

The beads are shaped by gravity or beads presses whatever you like. Sometimes a shape you didnt try to make.

After your bead is how you like it you put it into a hot kiln temperature depends on the glass you are using. The beads anneal or slowly cool in the kiln for quite a few hours.

Then after the kiln is cooled down you take the beads out and soak them in water to loosen the bead release. Then you take them off the mandrel and clean with an electric dremel .

Then you admire your beads and hope the kiln gods were good to you.
Oh and also you hope they sell.

..~~~Peace and Have a Great Day~~~..

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José said...


I guess that no one will make fun of your work when you're using that torch :-)
I found the idea of the cupcake beads really neat and the're quite well achieved.

Best regards,